East Tennessee State University Metals

Below:  B.F.A. Chelsea Hoilman 

Dual concentration in Metals and Ceramics

Section of studio in Ball Hall

Below:  Reception for Jewelry/Metals Exhibition at Nelson Fine Art in the down town

Below:  Seth Arnall

HIV Baby Rattle. Copper, brass, nickel silver, silver. 10"X4"X4" 

Above:  B.F.A. Rebecca Beals 

Carniverous Plant Teapot. Copper, Prismacolor.  10"X8"X5"  

Below:  B.F.A. Derek Laurendeaux 

Sculpture.  Steel, low fire slip.  5"X5"X5"                                                


Mountain setting:
ETSU is located in Johnson City, TN approximately one hour from Asheville, NC and Penland School of Crafts.  Our program offers a personalized approach, with an emphasis in mixed media, and traditional processes.  Classes of all levels work closely together in two primary studios located in Ball Hall.  A mentorship program, and individual pursuits are greatly emphasized among students and faculty.  

We pride ourselves on the establishment of a solid foundation, exposing students to many areas within the arts to feed creative thought.  Students are encouraged to take a variety of classes in addition to metalsmithing which may include: Sculpture, Ceramics, Fibers, Printmaking, Painting, Drawing, Photography and Graphic Design.

The Depart of Art & Design offers various degree programs in studio including the B.A., B.F.A, and M.F.A. Individual studio spaces are available to accommodate graduate level students.  Teaching opportunities, and financial assistance are also available.  Please visit our website at www.etsu.edu  for more program information.

Faculty:  Mindy Herrin

Please visit my website at mindyherrin.com to view my work. 

Below:  B.F.A. Emily Eversgerd

Women's Jewelry Association Scholarship recipient 2011

SNAG Student Scholarship recipient 2011

Below: Anni Volkan M.F.A.  Printmaking 2011

Copper, fibers, print, patina.  5"X5"X5"  


This website is new.  There is much more to come, so please check back with us frequently for current information.  


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Kevin Reaves



                                         East Tennessee State University

Above:  M.F.A. Kevin Reaves

Niche Nomination 2011

Niche Award 2010

P.O. Box 70708 121 Ball Hall, Johnson City, Tennessee | (423) 439-5393

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